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Current and realised projects

Current Projects

European Citizenship through Landscapes (2017)

A transnational Youth Meeting with the partner countries Slovenia, Finland and Germany. Funded by Erasmus+.

For additional information see official Project Card.

Yourope – Du in Europa (2017)

A transnational Youth Meeting with groups from Slovenia and Germany in cooperation with the county of Marburg-Biedenkopf and focused on political youth education and participation.

Realised Projects

Crossing Borders – Together through Transition (2016)

The third of a transnational Youth meeting series with groups from Slovenia and Finland. Funded by Erasmus+.

For additional information see official Project Card.

IVET-Venture (2013-2015)

In this “transfer of innovation”-project ("Lifelong Learning Programmes"), seven educational and vocational training providers out of four countries combined their expertise in the field of Initial Vocational and Educational Training (IVET). Through the adaptation of adventure- and experiential-orientated learning concepts to the needs of trainees in urban areas, IVET-VENTURE aimed to develop innovative approaches and offer opportunities for experience-based learning.

Project documentation: IVET-Venture Manual (pdf)

ESPRIT - Experiential Supporting Programme for Innovation in Training (2007-2013)

Co-funded within the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Programme. ESPRIT aimed at promoting the transfer and progressive inclusion of innovative experiential education and training methodologies, based particularly on Outdoor Experiential Learning, in education and training systems in Italy and Lithuania.

Project documentation: Learning Out Doors. Suppot for Young People in Risky Transitions

NEXT - New Experiences in Training (2000-2006)

Innovation-project with seven European partners aiming to develop innovative educational and qualification concepts for „Youth at Risk“. The project focused on the potential of adventure and experiential learning approaches in different pedagogical settings to support adolescents in the stage between school and professional life.

Project documentation: The Next Step. Adventure and Outdoor Activities for Youth at Risk in the Transition from School to Work